About Us

As a volunteer, either healthy or with a select medical condition, you may have the opportunity to participate in a phase I clinical trial testing investigational drugs or medical devices. Your participation may help us determine the safety, tolerability, and dosage levels of drugs and how the body absorbs and processes the drugs. Although not intended to improve your health, you may benefit from the physical exam or tests that could alert you to an unknown medical problem. Your safety is our top priority.

Each trial we conduct at the ACPRU requires the review of an external Institutional Review Board (IRB). This committee is made up of health care professionals and members of the community who are responsible for evaluating and confirming that our trials meet all applicable medical and ethical standards.

We are quite proud of our LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified facility. The ACPRU provides many accommodations and amenities including:


Physician and Nursing coverage around the clock
Health screening facilities
Private physical exam rooms


Secured building entry access
Visitor lounge area
Large dining area
Quiet study areas with internet access
Linen service (sheets, blanket, and towels)
Self-service washers and dryers


Wide selection of videos and reading materials
Cards, board games, video gaming systems
Internet access/WiFi
Pool tables
Multimedia room

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